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My wifey wanted you to select my name to see if you could pull my Joosha in for me.  I feel we just started a conversation.   Now, after this fact I have so many things I want to ask about that I didn’t bring up. I had not planned ahead. I guess I should make a couple of appointments.

Mark K.

Feb. 5, 2017 Gallery Guest

I attended a Speaking to Heaven Gallery at a Unitarian Church in the Atlanta, GA area several years ago.  We had a small crowd, so Rhonda decided to give everyone a brief reading.  I was interested in contacting my late husband, Robert P. . . . More than anything, I needed to hear from Robert that he was sorry for everything that he had put me through in the final years of our 29 year marriage. Rhonda was able to describe Robert’s personality very accurately.  She transmitted an apology and some positive feedback . . .  During this “contact”, my dog Hermie, who had recently died of bone cancer, also showed up.  Rhonda described what he looked like and his personality to a tee!  She communicated Hermie’s thanks for all the special things I had done for him in his final days, including thanking me for all the meat that I was giving him before he died. . .Hearing from Hermie was a bonus and really cheered me up . . .

Gail P. Dawsonville, GA 2017

I have been to two of Rhonda’s Speaking to Heaven Gallery®.  Both were sold out. I’ve been fortunate to have been chosen for readings both times (it’s a raffle type name drawing)  The first time,  I chose my father.  He came through with specific validations and I was left feeling comforted and uplifted.  The second connection was with my mother,  she departed on negative terms with me.  Just as in life, in heaven my mother came through as strong-willed and the reading was specific.  My mother did have the last word again, and at least I left knowing where she stood. Not the warm fuzzies I had with my dad, but I know my mother is always with me, and she is still a strong warrior on the other side.

Toni L. Lakeland, TN 2017

I wanted to share something with you that without question is pure validation. (Husband) His father came through. Cowboy hat, big belt buckle, funny and liked to take a “nip”’ you said. My husband told me on the way home that not only did his father always wear a big belt buckle but unbeknownst to me, he had the belt buckle his father gave him in his pocket today at the reading. For any skeptics out there,here is some amazing proof. Thank you for what you do. Your gift impacts peoples’lives and inner peace.

Jennifer and Scott Burns

Rhonda Manning is a heart-warming and soul entrusting psychic. I had the pleasure of experiencing a life path reading from her. Rhonda was amazingly accurate on things. I laughed, cried, and said “ah-ha” numerous times throughout the reading. I will never forget this experience. Discovering Rhonda was a blessing for me.

Kristi Leigh

I had a telephone reading with you and the Mother Mary came. One of the questions I asked you was if I had breast cancer. You reported to me that it was fibroids and not cancer. Today I went for the needle biopsy and received really great news, they could not find the lump! Thank you so much for inquiring about the results and for sharing your amazing gifts with me and others.


One of my questions was if I was going to get the job for which I was interviewing. You said my spirit guides said “yes”. Well I’m excited to say it has indeed come to pass! May God continue to shine His light through you and shower you with many blessings.

Amy Golf

You read for me and were right on! You mentioned carpenter when by brother came through. He made stained glass windows and tons of wooden crosses. Blows my mind!

Cindy Hatchett

Nashville, TN

You really impacted my life in a major way. I was always a skeptic but now there is no doubt in my mind. I have not been able to stop talking about my session with you to anyone who will listen! I was not able to say good bye to my dad when he passed away almost ten years ago and I have been looking for closure. It has changed my life forever.

Jillian Goodroe

Tucson, Arizona

The life path reading that I had with Rhonda was exceptional. The things she said during the life path reading were things that only I knew the meaning. Rhonda is a truly gifted psychic medium. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking an honest and true reading. It was a completely amazing experience!

Robin Atwood

Memphis, TN

I most appreciate Rhonda’s intelligence and impeccability. She has very high standards regarding the exact information she’s receiving and where it’s coming from. I highly recommend a reading with her, especially if you feel skeptical about the validity of this kind of intuitive work.

Madge Bares


Rhonda couldn’t have been more right with all that she said-she was able to connect with the passed over loved one I was hoping to speak with. She spoke with absolute accuracy. She is so full of life energy, so vibrant. Rhonda is wonderful!


Real Estate Broker and Animal Intuitive, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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