Miracles happen. A few years ago I would never have thought that I would be where I am today. I have been a professional psychotherapist in a busy private practice for over eighteen years. Prior to this I was successful in a business and marketing career. My current intuitive skills came late in life, although I did have a preview of things to come during my early adulthood. This is my story.

When I was in my twenties, I experienced what would become the first of many personal miracles in my life. I had become depressed and questioned God whether l even had purpose for living. Seeking an answer, I went to a small church off a highway and prayed for a sign. Afterwards, as I drove along the highway, a butterfly smashed onto my windshield and its body was torn into two pieces, about a foot apart. I became angry and full of despair. I wondered if this is what happens to all of life’s beauty? Does life have no meaning? As hot, angry tears streamed down my face, I pulled the car over so I could clean my windshield.

However, as I reached out to remove its body, the pieces of the butterfly began to move. Astounded, I stopped and watched as one piece of the body moved the one foot distance to join the other half of itself. Its wings began to flutter. I stared in shock and disbelief as it rose to fly in a small circle above my head. As the butterfly encircled me, I knew that I had experienced God. At that moment, I had a profound calm feeling and a “knowing” that God had intentions for me.

My life did not change rapidly. It would be many years later until I would understand what the plan was. However that day, my faith in a higher power was instilled forever.

In the Universe’s perfect timing, I did not come into my current psychic abilities until years later when my youngest child began school. Even though I am a spiritual person, I did not align myself with any specific religion. Yet, I began to have religious visions involving Saints and Archangel Michael. Shortly after, I became sensitive to certain colors, and electronic noise. I later learned that this sensitivity was caused by exposure to a high vibration of energy. Ironically, as a psychotherapist, I feared I was having a mental breakdown with intermittent delusions. My heightened fear caused these visions to subside, only to experience rapid acceleration of psychic abilities soon there after. What others seemed to be born with or acquire through intensive training seemed to be given to me instantaneously.

My husband, family and friends helped me to stay grounded until I realized that my abilities and visions were real and that my life’s purpose was to assist people through these gifts. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be able to help people in such a meaningful way.

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