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Downloads will be available soon.  Check back soon – pre-order your copy today to ensure you get a copy.

How do you know if you’re psychic?
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What does Intuition mean?
Whitepaper Download $40 Pre-Order Today[wp_cart_button name=”Intuition Whitepaper Pre-order” price=”40.00″]

How do psychics work?
Whitepaper Download $40 Pre-Order Today
[wp_cart_button name=”Psychics Work Whitepaper Pre-order” price=”40.00″]

How to communicate with spirits and clearing.
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What does Heaven look like and what happens once you get there?
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Coming Soon after live webinars air you will be able to attend or download a copy after it airs.  Check out the webinars page to reserve you seat at upcoming webinars.  Visit Webinar Page Now

How to develop intuition using the Auric body and chakra system.
Webinar Recording $75[wp_cart_button name=”Auric Body Chakra System Webinar ” price=”75.00″]

Shamanism – learning the basics and shamanistic exercises.
Webinar Recording $75[wp_cart_button name=”Shamanism Webinar Recording” price=”75.00″]

Spirit guides, helpers and what does heaven look like
Webinar Recording $75[wp_cart_button name=”Spirit Guides Webinar Recording” price=”75.00″]

Manifestation through your energetic bodies.
Webinar Recording $75[wp_cart_button name=”Manifestation Webinar Recording” price=”75.00″]

Master grounding and the clearing of energy
Webinar Recording $75[wp_cart_button name=”Master Grounding Webinar Recording” price=”75.00″]

The six God energies around your body that create huge manifestation toward your goals
Webinar Recording $75[wp_cart_button name=”Six God Energies Webinar Recording” price=”75.00″]


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