Heart Miracle

Friends, family, colleagues and students know that this past year has been a very emotionally difficult year for me. Yet God always has a way of showing up with miracles to encourage me to not lose faith and to continue to be in service even under occasional difficult times.  At the end of July of this year, heart shaped rocks began appearing EVERYWHERE!  Not just a few of them, but at this point I have collected over a thousand! What is so strange about this is that most of them are found right outside my office in a very tiny area. Yet when I travel, they still appear!  The heart shaped stones appear five to twenty times a day and sometimes in the same place! I also get shapes of hearts in other places as though the heart sign is always following me! In the last several months at the small wooden gate at my office, several hearts began to appear one by one upon the wooden slats. When looking at them, they  were neither burned in or carved into the wood and are part of the natural grain. We are at five now!  My staff, students, and clients have taken such joy in this and many have received the heart stones that I feel compelled to give away.  I am in such profound gratitude for this miracle and inspiration for hope.  Although staff has seen the wood hearts appear, (they often notice them first), nobody else seems to find the poponderance of hearts. With love and joy in my heart, thank you God!

Heart Stone Blessings

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When Rhonda was given her gifts she knew more things would happen.
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