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About Rhonda ManningRhonda is an incredible evidentiary psychic medium and has been University tested with over 90% accuracy! Rhonda is also one of the only Direct Dial Mediums in the World, which allows her to contact a specific person with just a name and relationship. She has come to be known as The Psychic of The South!

Rhonda came into her gifts in her late thirties after a series of profound spiritual visions. During her childhood she was raised by nuns. After coming into these gifts she recalls the head nun, Sister Good Shepard, stating “God has plans for you and you will someday come into your gifts.” She did not understand what the sister meant until years later. Due to the Sisters of the Good Sheppard, Rhonda managed scholarships to college and went on to graduate school where she received many awards.

Rhonda was a high skeptic of the paranormal, having been in private practice as a psychotherapist for close to 20 years. Now she jokingly states in front of her audiences, “At the time I thought I was having a mental break down and was becoming delusional!” But as her gifts were shown to be evidentiary, and the miracles continued, she accepted her new mission as a psychic medium, offering comfort and healing while proving that there is a God and heaven exists for all.

She speaks to heaven every day, and they have taught her that “hell” is created through our thoughts, emotions, and visions and is part of our journey here in the physical. Through her readings she has learned that the soul lives beyond the body and that we experience many lives with chosen life lessons for the growth of our souls. New in her understanding, she began to travel all over the world training and visiting with Native American Elders, Mystics, the Q`ero’s of Peru, Kahuna’s of Hawaii, John of God in Brazil and other Mediums around the world. She is one of the few in the world that can teach the science of energy, intuition, and mediumship and her method is unique. She was divinely given advance knowledge of quantum physics understanding along with the ability to see all matter as energy. Her mission now includes teaching the science of the spiritual as the world advances in knowledge of energetic vibration which influences both science and medicine.

Rhonda does not adhere to organized religion but is multi-spiritual. She prays to God when “in-service” and always asks assistance from guides, etc. stating clearly that she is only a conduit. Rhonda has been known to converse with Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha and Archangels. She can be very down-to-earth and quite entertaining, while at the same time explaining scientific information on how she does what she does. She always removes her shoes and goes barefoot to connect to Mother Earth or Gaia. She has people laughing through stories of Spirit, while at the same time emotionally healing them through her readings as they connect to passed on loved ones. Her favorite saying is “Childlike joy and laughter is a God Energy.” She resides in Memphis, TN and has her own private office and healing center, the LifeVibration Center, where she gives workshops and teaches students locally and around the world.

Rhonda Manning is One of the Top 50 Psychic Mediums in the United States


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