What is the true meaning of Valentine’s Day?

The month of Love in February brings many of us to think about the love in our life or the love that is yet to be. However, knowing the true meaning of Valentines day might be helpful in this endeavor. Valentines day was based upon understanding of the signs of nature to that of men and envelopes the idea that we are all connected. Maidens in spring would identify the personality that they would marry by the first bird that they saw in Spring. When connecting to nature, we must learn what it is telling us through its own personality. Once we understand that if we know the characteristics of nature (in this case birds), they convey their message through personality, strengths, etc. Thus if a maiden saw a crow her groom to be would be intelligent, bluebird might be entail a happy demeanor and a fulfilled marriage etc.

Ted Andrews author of Animal Speaks covers in detail what is called “Bird Medicine” for those who would like to explore further. Birds are also utilized for messages beyond that of your soul mate. I watch them all the time for signs from nature.

Recently, I repeatedly saw a black raven fly across me almost three times in a week and then one sat on a building I was facing in the pouring rain watching me. I guess I was being asked to pay attention.

The Raven or Crow have an ancient mysticism and were thought of as messengers from the deities. In my training with Native American elders, in the Iri culture the Crow represents the messenger from spirit and is referred to as the “message of the crow.” They are not easy prey so they send a message not to fear what life is throwing at you, to make life as magical as you want it to be, and to know that you have access to creative life force. Wow! Did I need that message?

Get to know your birds! Walk outside on the first day of spring (March 20) and note the first bird that comes to you just might be the personality of your true love or your soulmate. Ask for nature to give you a bird that represents your current spouse or lover. I would love to hear back from you guys and post some of your stories.

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