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How to get a good medium reading and life path reading
How to get a good medium reading and life path reading suggestions are provided to assists you in getting a more accurate reading.

When and How:
All appointments are scheduled in Central Standard Time. It is your responsibility to understand the time difference and call at the appropriate time. Please consult the World Clock – Time Zones for all time questions.

For in-person appointments, please arrive a few minutes early for your appointment time. For phone appointments, please make sure to arrange a half hour of time to relax before your appointment. This would be a good time to sit in stillness, meditate, pray or recite prayers. Being relaxed helps to improve the energy and allows for a more productive reading.

Telephone sessions work in the same way as in-person readings and are equally effective. Cell phones are recommended to allow for voice recording your session.

Uninterrupted Time:
Please allow for time before, during and after your reading to process the experience. While medium and life path readings are a wonderful opportunity, it can also be emotional as well as soul intensive. Uninterrupted time after you session will allow you to work through what has been discussed.

Keep an Open Mind: Healthy skepticism is welcome during our consultation. I expect you to want validation for what you are hearing. The more open you are to the possibilities, the more positive the energetic connection which usually provides a more detailed reading. Negative energy such as challenging or testing can disrupt the reading and cause communication to become unclear. Negative energy is heavier and weighs down the connection between the spirits and myself.

Not understanding: Expect to hear information that you may not understand right away. You may even want a pen and paper to write as much down as you can so you can consider the information after our appointment or even check with other family members. It’s exciting for you and me to receive validation for information that you yourself didn’t know and even couldn’t have known during our meeting. I trust everything that Spirit is giving to me but even I don’t always know why certain information is being shared. I do my best to relate to you what I am seeing, hearing, and feeling based on my ability to interpret a high volume of rapid intuitive information in a relatively short period of time.

Minimize disruption: Please do not volunteer information unless asked to clarify something specific that has already been given to me. It is my job to give you the the information being presented. It helps the energy if you affirm what is being given with a simple “Yes” or “I can accept this” if you understand the information that is being presented. If something does not make sense, then please be gentle in letting me know. Simply tell me that you “cannot confirm”, or that you “need clarification” on the information being shared. Spirits and guides are working very hard to give us information and stern “no’s” and strong disagreements can lower the energy which affects the connection. If you are unsure, let me know you need more clarification and I will do my best to provide you with whatever I am given to help you understand.

Listen and Try not to Control: Please try to listen to the information as it is presented. During a reading, lots of information is offered in a short amount of time. You will be amazed how the time passes. It is helpful to understand that the spirit realms have their own ideas of what is most important. This may result in you hearing what they think is necessary and not what you may want to hear. Ready made questions and continual asking of questions during reads are discouraged. If questions arise during the read, write them down and save them until the end. I have found that those who are open without preconceived expectations are often spiritually grateful for the information received, and have very few, if any, questions at the end.

Place intentions beforehand: Besides making the appointment and being open to receiving a message, this is the single most important thing you can do to help ensure the best connection possible. Placing consistent intentions before your reading as far in advance as possible can assist in contacting a crossed over loved one. Guides and helpers are automatically part of a life path reading and placing advanced intentions is not necessary. Placing an intention is like making a thoughtful, grateful request in the form of a prayer or a silent meditation to those you wish to contact. Intentions are thought forms which carry their own vibrational communication and can be received by God, guides, angels and even loved ones who have passed. By placing intentions in advance, is it like giving them a personal invitation ahead of time to join us for the reading. Please understand that no ethical medium can guarantee a specific person to respond to the invitation. Free will works on Earth as it does for those that have passed. We do not always understand why some choose to visit and others do not.

Be Open to Anyone: If you have a medium read, please be open to anyone who wishes to connect to you, such as unknown relatives, deceased lovers, neighbors and even pets. It is helpful to know information about your family history on both parent’s side of the family and even your spouse’s family, whether you are still married or not. Information such as personality, what they did for a living, how they died etc. can help you to validate your reading. During life path readings, guides and other higher beings can be available to you. Being open to who they are and how they present themselves is also important.

Take Notes: If your session is recorded, there is no guarantee that it may work. Because we are working with energy, sometimes it can affect the electronic equipment. Taking notes during a session is advisable. It can be difficult to remember everything given the emotional content and the volume of information being introduced. Writing down facts may assist in recalling them later to yourself and family members.

Seek Assistance: A reading can bring up grief issues or open up other emotional issues for which you may not be prepared. I request that medium reads be scheduled no sooner than 6 months after a person has passed. I cannot replace the benefit of working with a grief counselor, therapist or medical doctor. Please seek further assistance where necessary.

Don’t Feed the Medium.  Try to respond to questions with a yes or no answer whenever possible.  The less information you provide to her the better the response from guides and crossed over loved ones.

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