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Everyone has varying degrees of psychic abilities. We exist in a multidimensional reality that we can access via different forms of focusing energy. Energy is vibration and everything carries its own unique vibration similar to a thumbprint. Intuitives have varying abilities to tap into and utilize this energy for information. Thus, it is important for you to understand "how" a person is giving you a read and what to expect for the type of read they are doing. I have access to most of the psychic sense doors. I am a clairvoyant with telepathy. This is sometimes known as clairvoyant (seeing mental movies or images) and clairaudient (hearing inside my mind's ear).

I also have medium abilities which means I can communicate with passed over loved ones and access guides and spiritual helpers. I also have empathic abilities which allow me to feel in my energetic body your feelings, energy areas in your physical body, and the feelings of guides and spirits that will be working with us.

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