Male and Female Energy & the Time of Feminine Energy

Thew Mayan day keepers believe that we are on the verge of a new age, an age where we learn how to listen and connect with our own energy. Learning to understand and accept the nature of both the male and female energies within us will help to make this age possible. I hope to share a little with you on what exactly female and male energies are, how they apply to our daily lives, and what this may mean to our planet at this time.

So, what is meant by ‘male energy’ and female energy’ and how do they apply to us in our daily lives? Almost every ancient culture such as the Mayan culture or Eastern philosophies like Buddhism and yoga practices make note of the two. Even the science of physics differentiates male energy (positive charge) from female energy (negative charge). The male-female relationship in traditional psychological circles as well as Buddhism view male energy as left brain, right side of the body, and cognitive while the female energy is right brain, left side of the body and intuitive. The Mayans organized their world into male and female pairings. The chakra system in their teachings depicted the male positive charge and female negative charge as rotating, or being paired, within the body. In yoga traditions male energy, referred to as the sun, is called Shiva, and is form or linear structure of the universe and is dominated on the right side of body. Female energy, or the moon, is the movement or circular force of the universe and dominates the left side of the body.

In our current world we have lost the balance and respect of these energies as a whole so that we experience them as opposing forces. The yin-yang symbol demonstrates male and female as being black and white but also as part of one another to establish the whole. In the masculine there is always the feminine, and in the feminine there is the masculine just as there is a white dot in the black and a black dot in the white of this symbol. Other symbols demonstrate this as well. The infinity symbol is part linear male and part circular female. Positive and negative charge, or male and female energy, can be seen universally throughout the natural world. Subatomic particles – the building blocks of all matter – contain a positive or negative charge. Without polarities, we could not differentiate ourselves from things around us or perceive anything as separate from ourselves. Polarization of male and female creates opposing energy or tension push and pull; this in turn allows us to experience a full range of opposite experiences, including the spectrum in between, and creates energy itself.

As an intuitive, I feel energy as male and female energies. When giving readings, I sometimes intuitively perceive a person to be female when they are physically male and vice versa. By reading the client’s energy via energetic waves in their energy bodies, I can see that often times people are dominated by a male or female energy within their vibratory fields. Everything is made of energetic waves so the more dominant energy is what is intuitively perceived. Many of us are imbalanced and have more of one kind of energy than the other and surprisingly, what we have most of is not based upon our current physical gender!

To understand this, it’s important to concentrate on that fact that these energies are not just physical but are also energetic and vibratory. We all have both male and female energy within us; neither energy is better than the other. They are not separate but are two aspects of the One, therefore they are not dualistic but opposite sides of the same whole. It is important that we come into a harmonious whole with our male and female energies in order to achieve balance in our mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies. I am not suggesting that as women we give up our femininity nor that men give up their masculinity. The goals are to obtain a conscious awareness that both of these energies are within each of one of us, to educate ourselves about the nature of what these energies are, and ultimately to honor and respect them in order to achieve true wholeness. When we achieve balance and moderation in male and female energies we clear away negative ego, which in turn allows us to realize God and the God within us – Higher Self.

Let’s return to the question of how male and female energy apply to us in the here and now and to our daily lives. Male energy is goal-oriented action; it is rational, logical, deductive, reasoning, linear in thinking, directed outward, moving forward; it is thinking and doing. In human interaction it is dominant, talking versus asking or listening; it structures the environment. Female energy is creative, internal, circular in movement, process-oriented, imaginative, intuitive, and inductive thinking. With others it is asking and listening, unstructured, spontaneous, psychic; female energy conditions the environment, allows for feeling of emotions; when balanced it contains compassion and empathy for others.

When we experience blockages or imbalances of our male and female energies, the results can be harmful to our mental, physical, and spiritual bodies. For example, emotionalism can block our life journey if it is not tempered with rational thinking. By the same token, over-intellectualism prohibits an awareness of the feelings of others or can create the inability to find right relationships and connectedness. Some can be so creative (feminine) that they experience no movement forward (masculine) and nothing gets done. Others become workaholics (masculine) and are unable to resolve their home environment (feminine). These situations of imbalance can also cause physical illnesses. There are many examples of energy imbalances as well as many ways of achieving balance which cannot be fully explored within the scope of this article but I hope this sparks an interest and causes you to explore further.

Where do we stand today as a planet? Male-dominated cultures have disrupted the balance of female and male energies and established male energy as dominant, thus leaving our world with a patriarchal belief system which greatly imbalances our planet as we know it. Government and political systems are running awry with the pursuit of domination in terms of money, power, and resources; this is most often pursued without empathizing with or understanding the impact on various groups of people or humanity as a whole. Don’t misunderstand; male energy is not negative in and of itself. Without male energy nothing would be moving forward. We would not, for example, have created science to date as we know it. However by losing the temperance of the feminine energy we have lost balance.

Now is the time that this imbalance of male and female energy is coming to full circle. Shamanic practices from around the world have long revered the balance of energies. My training with Peruvian priests and Q’eros’ teachings of Peru has shown me that the male priests understand that the female (wife) is an equal and a necessary balance to all energy work and ceremonial work. Additionally, shamans and indigenous peoples have always revered Mother Earth – the Great Mother, Pachamama – as a female energy to be respected as part of a whole within the Universe.

It is my belief that Mother Earth is a live being and that she is shifting in her energy, which is both female and male, as is the solar system as a whole. This will manifest change with new science and open the way for political structures that balance intellect with the heart. The balance of male and female energies will further assist us as a race to understand the amazing energetic beings – and children of God – that we really are. The true Mayan day keepers state that this is the time when we will come to know ourselves again. Additionally, there is some belief that the 2012 solstice-galaxy alignment is the union of the male energy (our sun) and the female energy (the center of the Milky Way). December 2012 will begin a process of astronomical energies of male and female alignment. What all this means, I am not totally sure, but I do believe we have a lot to look forward to. I am open to all possibilities as we learn to balance male and female energies.

Blessings in Love, Gratitude, and Compassion
Rhonda Manning

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