Questions To Ask a Medium

Will there be an understanding of my past life?

There may be an understanding of a past life. I am often given one or more past lives as a means of understanding your current life experiences. We carry unresolved issues of past lives into the now and may have helpers or guides from previous lives. These are not in-depth readings. Since we have lived many lives, guides and helpers will give you only whatever information they consider necessary for you to know to make appropriate choices in this lifetime.

Can you see guides?

I often see your guides and speak with them during your read. They are often a delight to meet, and they are always very loving, nurturing, and sometimes humorous.

Do you channel?

I do not channel. Channeling involves allowing a spirit to enter my etheric energy field which can limit my own consciousness. I communicate with higher beings, angels, and guides via clairaudience, clairvoyance, empathy and telepathy. I am relaxed with eyes closed but not in a full trance state. Since I work consciously I can engage in communication and dialogue with you about what they are saying and your responses.

What do you mean by life path readings?

The information contained in this type of read is very specific with detailed personal information to help you see your life from a larger perspective and hopefully assist with why you are here. You need to be sure you are willing to look at yourself, the light and the shadows, for your own personal growth. I can be shown glimpses of your childhood to assist in understanding who you are and why you are here, essentially the initiations to your life lessons. Please be prepared for the vulnerability and the emotional impact of hearing this information from me could have on you. My reads are soul intensive and information that is a material concern in nature such as love life, career, and financial issues are generally not discussed unless the information is necessary to know in your main life lessons.

You will hear what is considered important for you to learn and not necessarily what you want to hear. A short time at the end of the appointment will be available for you to ask questions. Please hold all questions until the end since I am receiving an extensive amount of detail from multiple senses and sources during the read and interruptions can disrupt the flow of information.

Can you communicate with spirits?

Yes, I can do mediumship and help you with how to contact the deceased. I enjoy helping loved ones to reconnect the most. If a mediumship reading or how to contact the deceased is your emphasis, it helps the process if you place consistent intentions to your deceased loved ones as far in advance of a read, as it can influence their ability to come through to me. Also, be prepared that whom you hoped to speak with may not come through and instead other spirits may want to speak with you. If nobody comes through then you will have a general read.

In order to preserve the integrity of the mediumship reading, please do not volunteer information regarding those who have passed unless I specifically ask for clarification of what they are sharing with us. Often they will provide us with very specific details as validation so we can both be confident that we have made true contact. I find this helps to assure you that the contact was real as much as it assures me that I am doing my job properly.

How do you get the information?

Information is carried through energy frequencies which we call vibration. It is helpful to think of these vibrations or frequencies as being much like a radio that has many different frequencies and the tuning into the station or connection can vary. When speaking to passed over loved ones, guides, and higher beings, I am tuning my etheric body vibrationally in order to receive the frequencies that come in thoughts, images, feelings and a general knowing. Otherwise all information is stored in our auras as we are part of the whole and exist in a holographic universe. We are also energy so our bodies are energetic bodies. Information can be picked up just by the vibrations you hold in your auric field around your body which is like a blueprint. I often get a quick impression of who you are and how you operate when I first tune into your vibrations in your auric field.

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