Butterfly Miracle

When I was in my twenties, I experienced what would become the first of many profound miracles in my life. Having already experienced a very difficult life so young, I became depressed with the struggle of taking care of myself without family support and the struggle with working and going to college full time. Already feeling fatigued in life, I started questioning life and questioned God whether l even had purpose for living. Seeking an answer, I went to a small church off a highway (the one the nuns use to take me too), and prayed for a sign. Afterwards, as I drove along the highway, a beautiful butterfly smashed onto my windshield right in front of me and its body was torn into two pieces, about a foot apart. Full of despair and with angry hot tears streaming down my face, I pulled the car over so I could clean off my windshield. As I reached out to remove the butterfly’s body, the pieces of the butterfly began to move. I watched as one piece of the body moved the one foot distance to join the other half of itself. Its wings began to flutter. I stared in shock and disbelief as it rose to fly in a small circle above my head! As the butterfly encircled me, I felt the presence of God while simultaneously experiencing a deep calm and unexplainable “knowing”  that everything would be as it should be and God had intentions for me that were not yet to be revealed.  I did not know what this meant until years later and here I am!



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