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Rhonda is available for readings for individuals by phone or in person (Greater Memphis Area). Group Readings in-home or in-office are available for a minimum of 15 people.  Max in office groups is 30 people.  Rhonda will travel for group readings with the understanding that travel expenses are also incurred to the party booking the session.

A percentage of all Readings will go to the Education of Psychic Children Foundation. (Foundation website coming soon.)

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Rhonda discusses with spirit guides (yours and hers), angels and ascended masters concerning your childhood environment and details your primary influences (personality and appearance) to discuss your chosen life lesson and/or life purpose. Rhonda sees all energy and answers questions on auric fields, chakras, emotional and spiritual energy in and around the body and all other life questions. She can read land, earth bound souls in homes, and others you are concerned about remotely. She only operates in high vibrational energy in service to God and does engage in heavy energy or energetic voyeurism. This reading can include the following: Soulmate reading, general relationship reading, pregnancy prediction, or detailed information on “Who is my spirit guide.” $222

Rhonda is a direct dial medium™ who connects with those you want to connect.  She uses evidentiary information to prove a literal connection with your loved one(s) and then begins communication through comments from them.  You can ask questions as well during this session. $222  + $50 for each additional person

Addt’l Person



Rhonda is an animal communicator or pet medium only for crossed over horses, cats and dogs. She validates pets go to heaven as she describes their physical appearance, personality and other details only you would know. $222

She often detects past or emotional or physical issues held currently in a client’s physical body as a result of past lives while explaining unusual fears or unexplained physical issues. Reads your previous lives during allotted time. $222

Two person reading for couples who feel they have had previous lives together. Often requested when couples feel as though they have been together before, have instant familiarity, or unusual circumstances leading to their meeting. $275

Rhonda will hold a group reading at her office or travel to your home/office to speak to your crossed-over loved ones. This is great for families, organizations and co-workers to make it more personal and private with familiar people.

  • The greater Memphis area is a $500 minimum. 10 person minimum/$50 per person.
  • Outside the greater Memphis area is a $750 minimum. 15 person/$50 per person minimum. Travel/hotel cost paid by client.
  • DeSoto County $500 minimum plus travel fees. 10 person minimum/$50 per person.

Contact Rhonda’s office to get additional information and discuss your venue. $275 deposit is required to book your group gallery. 901-324-2586

Rhonda no longer does medical readings and is devoting time to her other services, lectures, and books. Please refer to The Bob Olsen Best Directory site John of God in Brazil with guide Marina or attend Dr. Adam McLeod’s (Dreamhealer) lectures for more information. She does receive sporadic, short medical or emotional information from her Indian Medicine Woman, Mehta during life path readings. (Rhonda is not a medical doctor and information in this regard is for entertainment purposes only)

APRIL 8 & 9, 2017 Cincinnati, OH

Rhonda will be at the Victory of Light Psychic Fair Saturday April 8 & Sunday April 9, 2017.  She will be on the main stage at 12:00pm EST and will be doing personal readings both days at her booth.  To pre-book today for a 25 min or 50 min session while you are at the event.

25 minute session $88
50 minute session $176







MAY 20 – 21, 2017

Rhonda will be at the Galactic Expo in Nashville, TN Saturday May 20 & Sunday May 21, 2017.  She is available for personal readings both days at her booth.  To pre-book today for a 25 min or 50 min session while you are at the event.

25 minute session $88
50 minute session $176







Student Mentoring Session

Students/clients can work with Rhonda on specific techniques through sessions in person, via Skype and over the phone. $135.00

50 minute session




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