Life – so full of ups and downs, joy and pain, triumph and loss – can be downright confusing at times. Sometimes it seems like we spend all of our time and energy trying to build a good life, only to have it all swept away by an unseen twist of fate. We may ask ourselves, what is the point? When considered from the standpoint of metaphysics, there are lessons we are all here to learn about the subtle balance of opposites. We must learn to balance both male and female energy as well as positive and negative energy. We are in a dimension of polar opposites where energy flows with opposite charges. Oppositional energy is a requirement for continued existence in this dimension and therefore a balance is required for energy flow.

Consider the symbol we call the medical caduceus, which dates back almost 3000 years. It is comprised of a wand (will and intention) surmounted by wings (intuition and spiritual communication) with two serpents coiling in perfect intertwined balance (opposition and equilibrium). The snakes are also representative of energy flowing in male and female, positive and negative charges up the spinal chord from the first primary energy center (chakra) in the body, called the Root Chakra. One lesson that may perhaps be found in this symbolism is the concept that rising from the lower energy centers to the higher energy centers does require focus and a willingness to try to stay in balance.

Here on earth we feel so many extremes, such as love and hate. Sometimes we may even feel both extremes at the same time. How many of us have loved someone but hated them as well? Intense relationships will create the experience of intense opposites. Instinctively we do what we can to avoid what we perceive to be negative energies, but we can actually benefit instead by paying attention to what they are here to teach us.

The trick is that one must incorporate a balance of all energies. We must learn not to run away from heavy, painful emotions (heavy energy) by continually retreating into the higher, faster-moving emotional frequencies as though this is a better place. It’s actually not always a better place on a soul level, not if you’re interested in learning and promoting your soul’s growth. We learn from opposite energies and opposite emotions. Before we can move into the light we must feel and experience both heavy and light energy to be balanced. We must endure heavy emotions so that as we return home to Heaven, we can do so with gratitude, complete peace, and understanding, having experienced the opposite of heaven itself. Think of a seesaw. Did you ever try to balance the seesaw without someone sitting on the opposite end? It doesn’t work! Eventually we realized that if we stood in the middle, we could balance the seesaw in mid air and feel free and accomplished!

Blog-Pic-2This is a metaphor for us here in our earthly lives. Earth is our “spiritual boot camp” and heaven is home. We are learning the ‘see-saw of opposites’ and the balance therein. Wisdom comes in honoring both the heavier and lighter energies. Honor all experiences; whether heavy or light, good or bad; all have lessons that bring forth light. In my many trips around the world with shamans, kahunas, and mystics, one lesson of a Peruvian Mystic stands out in relation to this subject. He said the deepest, heaviest energy felt is from Mother Earth and through her nature beings. If we shun the heavy energy of our life experiences, we cannot learn from the Spirit Keepers of the Earth herself! It forever changed my opinion of honoring the opposites to achieve balance. He was trying to teach that if we run from what feels to us as heavy and we respond with fear rather than curiosity, we miss opportunities to learn.

Realize that part of centering is to be very aware of where we are in the present moment and to anchor in and get ourselves grounded. Don’t look to one side or the other on the seesaw. Remember to take that deep breath, get your feet solid in the middle and then balance. Don’t look ahead or behind but simply have gratitude for where you are. Over time you will gain an understanding that this life is about learning all sorts of things that incorporate opposite energies. Instead of resisting, complaining, or playing victim, become curious about the very special lessons contained in your life experiences. You will realize that everything has a lesson, that you are in a life of opposites, and that if you can learn to balance them, you will have completed a great obstacle course in the boot camp called the Earth School.


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