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I serve as a conduit to contacting your Spirit Guides, finding out your past lives, and communicating with deceased loved ones in Heaven. I can also help you with understanding your life lessons and purpose through life path readings. Along with my guides and yours, I assist you in realizing your highest truth: Who you are and why you are here.

Upcoming Events

Rev. Mychael Shane World Famous, Scientifically Tested, Trans-Physical Phenomena Medium & Spiritual Healer.

4 Evenings of Trans-Physical Phenomena Mediumship

2 Evenings of Black-Out Séances
7:00 pm on May 7th & 13th 2015.

2 Evenings of Billet Readings & Apportation Demonstrations
7:00 pm on May 9th & 12th 2015.

Also private Spiritual Readings, Ascended Master(s) Readings, and Cabinet Readings available between May 8th 12th 2015!

I would personally like to invite you to a series of amazing events taking place from May 7th to May 13th, 2015. I am proud to welcome to Memphis, Rev. Mychael Shane, World Famous, Scientifically Tested, Trans-Physical Phenomena Medium & Spiritual Healer. He is one of the rarest mediums in the world and his gifts are the first in history to physically manifest sacred religious figurines, authentic gems and other items, given by the Ascended Masters and Archangels, and uniquely in broad daylight!

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Rhonda offers many types of readings including; Life Path, Mediumship, Home Energy Clearings, Individual Student Sessions, and In-Home Group Readings. Click here to learn more.

Gift certificates for a private reading with Rhonda make great gifts to your loved ones for any occasion. Click here to find out more.



"We are souls with life purposes, lessons, and challenges on this planet. We are powerful beings that are interconnected with everything and everyone and have the ability to manifest our realities through intention, visualization, and gratitude."

~ Rhonda G. Manning ~



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